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Whilst Labour's High Commissioner for Scotland, Jim Murphy tours the colonies advocating some obscene desire for Scotland of all places to reinvest in new Nuclear Plants, the Crown Estate with the support of the Scottish Government will tomorrow award "exclusivity agreements" to a range of power companies to develop 10 offshore wind farm sites.

UP TO 10 giant wind farms are to be built off the Scottish coastline which if all 10 are built as planned will produce 6.4 GIGAWATTS of power, more than doubling the amount of electricity produced by renewable forms of energy in Scotland at present and providing enough power for around 4 million homes.

There are currently 2.6 million homes in Scotland at present.

The rising value of the euro means construction projects in the UK are now far cheaper than was previously the case for international consortia and the project, pending Scottish Government assessment of the environmental implications of siting such large structures within territorial waters, approval times and the consortia's own scoping studies, these developments look liekly to proceed.

The wind farms will use undersea cables to transport their power ashore and connect to the national grid. The advantage of siting them off south-west Scotland is that there are two existing nuclear power stations already hooked up to the grid and they are relatively close to the country's major centres of population.

The Crown Estate will earn up to 2% of the value of the electricity generated, providing a lucrative annual windfall for the UK Treasury but one which post 2011 could be channelled into a Scottish Future's Fund. to help combat greenhouse emissions at and even faster rate of investment.

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