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Derek Hayward

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Derek Hayward, and I have been in the motor trade for over 38 years, my job in all that time has been in the engine diagnostic and engine tuning field, both on the older multiple carburetor systems, and the modern fuel injection systems, using a wide variety of specialized tools, including scopes, as part of that job, I was often called to dealers, to fault find for them, my job also included, tuning motorcycles, formula Ford's, and performance cars, I also sponsored a rally car, and did all the tuning for that as well, and last but no means least, I was often called upon by clubs to give talks, the reason for this e-mail, is because in the present climate, my own business which has been running for 28 years, may be a casualty of the recession, my web page, is, this will show exactly my expertise, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ring me on 07973173283, this is my mobile and it's with me all the time, or e-mail me if you have any positions open,

yours faithfully,

Derek Hayward,


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