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Fr. Peter

The suggestion that GM will feed the world's hungry is a lie; up till recently the world produced one and a half the food needed to give everyone an adequate diet, yet millions starved because the world lacked the will to share it, source; UN Food & Agricultural Organisation.

In India many farmers grew GM cotton hoping for the promised higher yields, the reverse happened, yields were down to a fifth, the income was a seventh and hundreds of farmers committed suicide, source: The Official Report of the Government of Andhra Pradesh. In another event in India a high yield GN paddy rice was introduced, the high yield happened, but the rice produced a toxin that killed all the fish in the area, the rice growers second source of income.

In Canada cross contamination due to pollen spread, apart from bee spread pollen, pollen has been proved to blow for 450 miles, means that no oil seed rape in the country is GM free so naturally the Canadians want GM to be accepted as very few want their crop and the price is low.

The world's biggest seed/agrochemical company, Monsanto, told the New York Times that assuring the safety of food was not their job but the job of the Food and drugs Administration. The FDA asked Monsanto for a report on a growth hormone and this was carried out by Margaret Miller, after the report was finished Miller went to work for the FDA and her first job was to approve the report that she had written for Monsanto, source; Organic Consumers Association of America.

When Rowlett Research scientist Dr. Arpad Pusztai revealed that rats fed GM potatoes had their internal organs and immune systems altered by the introduced gene, he was suspended from his job in Aberdeen and his contract was not renewed. It was later found that the GM Company Monsanto had funded the Rowett Research Institute, to the tune of £140,000. GM Maize mon[santo] 863 is approved despite French scientists who 'found serious flaws in the Monsanto study at every stage.' The study was not available for scrutiny as it was claimed it was confidential, and then a German court forced Monsanto to release the full report, incidentally The Institute of Science in Society considers GM mon 863 as toxic.

Do not be fooled by GM spin from any direction, GM companies have a control over many of the worlds seed stocks, Monsanto have patented Basmati rice and have attempted to patent the pig. Despite claims GM crops use MORE pesticides. This is just a cynical ploy to bring in GM using the poor and hungry for an excuse, GM is not about feeding the world it is about profit. If you have the control of seeds then you have the control of life, this is more powerful than the control of the financial markets. Monsanto money is behind George Bush’s efforts to introduce GM and it is no surprise that shortly after the Bush visit to the UK GM is back on the agenda here.

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