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Nigel Miles

This is good news for the beaver.
Well done Scottish Natural Heritage. I see you are taking the practical decision as taken in the late 19th Century by the then dictatorial Tsarist Government who reintroduced the European Beaver into the Baltic States, (now Nations) of Lithuania and Latvia.
For this you are such clever people.

Now beavers range over large areas of these at least two BN and number well over a 6 figures and participate in their natural place in the biodiversity.
It is a pity that the Scots could not take a similar view for the Elk, Lynx and Wolf which occur in all three BN in areas of limited human population and input and have profound affect in being part of the proper EU regulation allowance of natural biodiversity the right of existence based on historical distribution.
The Baltic Nations tolerate the larger predators not because they are subservient to fearful landowners loss of insured domestic animals, but because they understand their heritage far better than the Scots do. Oh I know there are many Scots that may agree with these opinions but in the main the Scots are like the Norwegians. They want their cake but they do not want wolves to have their share. Pity really for wolves are one of our best climate allies. For where there are wolves (and lynx) there are improved and more diverse natural forests....if you see the ecological link.
So it seems our educational systems still has a lot to do in catching up with the natural heritage education which is conditional in Baltic peoples.
Think on this and please Scottish cousins try to act more like your cousins in the Baltic Nations and Poland who understand where you have the space and a smaller population wolves, lynx, elk and forests are more extensive and life is more pleasant for ALL.
Nigel Miles
Research Ecologist (in Baltic Nations)
Sustainable Development Teacher (in UK)

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