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It is fine trying to reactivate the NPT process but all eggs should not be put in any basket that requires support from the United States government in order to succeed.

Nuclear disarmament should go ahead at the pan-European level, as the mass anti-nuclear movements promised both the people of Europe and the people of the then Warsaw pact countries in the 80s. Why did this process stop after the signing of the INF Treaty?


Go on for the best in yourself ! After 25 years of (little and big) protests against Nukes (for saving our environment) and against everything arround War (as a respect to people) and the Faslane-365 "push" of protest about the renewing of this big Trident mistake, finaly One dare to take position to a positive solution... Go for it, we all did it too : stand up and give the best of yourself, for yourself, for the Earth and for Peace
With respect, thanks and love p°(Belgium)

Bernie Meyer

I am thrilled that you are taking the first steps in a rational process to rid the world of nuclear weapons. I walked over 700 miles with Foot Prints For Peace as The American Gandhi this summer from Glasgow/Faslane to London. Our theme was "Toward A Nuclear Free World."

With George Bush mentioning WWIII as possible in the context of Iran we need to do all we can to address war and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Peace, Bernie Meyer, The American Gandhi

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