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Daye Tucker

Is this not all academic now that we are facing a future food shortage due to global warming which has wreaked havoc with global grain harvests. The demand for grain for bio fuels compounds the problem. BSE FM, and supermarket power have eaten away at any prospect of profit for livestock farmers who's businesses have been subsidised rightly or wrongly to perpetuate a cheap food policy which helps to keep inflation down. It is all part of the Westminster "moneygoround". I note you don't include the figures which tell us how much in debt our farmers are, these figures are available on the Government website. Farm Business Development Schemes to encourage diversification and rural employment will inflate your figures. A much broader understanding and auditing of benefit to the wider community is needed before assumptions should be made. Large estates are made up of many farms and some farming families may own and work more than one farm, so the perceived overall subsidy may appear generous. Estates in particular, whether well run or not by their very nature share wider benefits and contribute hugely to our environment and the communities which they are a part of. There are of course exceptions in all walks of life from gentry to farmers and even environmentalists. I understand where you are coming from but
I urge you to redirect your energies to working with those who own land whatever the acreage. Stop the conflict.

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