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I lived in Galloway for a few years, and it is clear to see that cancer has a grip in the area, it is terribly sad. Many people of all ages are diagnosed reguarly, there are not many people in the area, but off the top of my head i can think of 6 people that have either been diagnosed or died. For the number in the area that is a lot of peope for one person to know that have cancer. The only logical explaination for this is the radiation contamination from Sellafield and the military activities. Dumfries and Galloway is a magical amazing place, where both the humans and animals that are living there appear to contract cancer far more than other parts of the country. This is totally out of order if we must have Nuclear anything in this country it should be disposed of properly, it should not be transported on the British Roadways and it should certainly not be putting the tax payers of this country in danger and finally killing them.

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