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Max Wallis

My phrase "show stopper" referred to CoRWM’s “show”, because that claims a deep "geological" dump is an "available" solution to nuke wastes. How can it be "available" when it could transgress the ICRP 1 mSv/yr by ten times and cannot be shown to meet the UK’s 0.3 mSv/yr maximum from any nuclear facility? Indeed, assessments that give 3 orders of magnitude worse than the Swedish 0.015 mSv/yr criterion show there’s a long, long way to go before a scientist could say geological disposal is potentially “available”.

Fred Dawson

It would be interesting to compare the risks to current and future generations from radioactive waste stored in a deep repository to those from shallow land fills containing chemical wastes with an infinite half life or from the longer term effects of mans use of fossil fuels on the environment.

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