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Daye Tucker

Stirling at the forefront again. I'm impressed. It is 6 years since I first became aware that the EU Soils Directive train had left the station. In the light of EID and other agricultural related impacts from Brussels I trembled at what might be about to hit us. However, Scottish Government have invested wisely in soil workshops facilitated by the Soil Association, to up skill all their farmers in understanding how to preserve, protect and improve their soils. The workshops are now on their next three year programme. Scotland has so little productive soil that it's even more important for us to protect the little that is productive and that must include maintenance of field drains.

Interestingly it is on Stirling's West Carse area that the first Ecosystem Evaluation Pilot is taking place led by SNH and SEPA.. It would be good to assess the soils in this area to identify farms which are protecting and improving their soils by measuring the organic matter content. It goes without saying that those who improve their soils should be rewarded.

England has exploited it's rich soils to such an extent that, without artificial fertilisers to compensate for lack of natural fertility, they would produce very little. Well done Stirling and Scottish Government.

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